What is Adsense?How people are earning from Adsense?

Now a days lots of people are get earning  by the help of Google Adsense but many people don't know how we can earn from this amazing Google products.Basically Adsense is a product of google that serve the advertisement on the Blog or Website and YouTube also.
adsense se paisa kmye
 Adsense is a product of Google that provide advertisement on website or blog.We have two option for earning from Adsense first one is website and second is YouTube.

How people are earning from Adsense?

We all know we have two option to earn money online by Google Adsense these are YouTube and Website.

 In the case of YouTube

In the case of YouTube we have to create a YouTube channel.After creating the channel you need to connect your Adsense account with the YouTube then your YouTube channel will be fully opened but for making the money by channel you all will have to create video and upload it on YouTube.You should follow the YouTube tearms and conditions otherwise you will be punished by YouTube.When your channel achieve the Adsense criteria for serving the ads on your video then you can earn lots of money from YouTube.If you don't know how to create a YouTube channel then you should watch this video-

How to create a YouTube channel in Hindi?(full playlist)

In the case of website 

In the case of website we have to create a Blog or Website.For creating the website you can watch videos on YouTube.Afer creating the Blog you should write minimum 30 post for getting the approval from Adsense.When your website will get approval then you can manually place the ads on your Blog or Website.If you don't know how to create a free Blog for earning from Adsense then you should watch this video-

How to create a free Blog?

This is two most popular method to earn mney from Adsense.If you not follow the all proccess acording to rule then your Adsense acount can be termineted.To create a Adsense account is very easy but to keep the account safe is very hard because if you do any small mistake also ,its dangerous for your Adsense account.You can also earn money by Admob.Admob is also a Google product but it is used in android app.When we build a android app the we need to create a Admob account for placing ads in our app.When people open your app in mobile devices then ads will show and google adsense pay the money for showing this ads on your app.

I hope you all understand the how people earn lots of money by using Adsense.If you like this post please share this in all social media platform.

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